Christchurch Wedding Bus Hire

Stress-free guest transport

Christchurch Wedding Bus Hire


Wedding Guest Transport

1.  We know venues!  We've been to countless places all over Canterbury!

2.  We'll look after your guests.  Chilled water & sick bags available on all buses!

3.  Our buses arrive with sound systems and decorative lights!

4.  We don't just do buses.  We also provide dial-a-driver & shuttle vans! 

5.  Buses dressed with ribbons and flowers!

6.  Buses equipped with GPS trackers.  We can SMS guests with the live location.  Great for multi pick ups.

7.  Electronic signage programmed with your names or Venue!

8.  Can't get much better than that?  Oh yes it can!  We'll do all this for a great price!

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1. How can we pay?
Once your booking is confirmed, we'll email an invoice with bank transfer details.  We can also accept credit card payment.

2.  Do you require a deposit?
We don't require a deposit.  All we ask is that the invoice is settled prior to the big day.

3.  Can my guests take alcohol on board?
Guests may take alcohol with them, but cannot consume on board the bus.  There are strict liquor licencing laws that prevent this.  If we're caught doing so, your guests, the driver & company are liable for significant fines.  Not only that, but our buses are also used for school transport.  We don't want alcohol spilled on seats & throughout the bus.

4.  Can we have multiple pick up spots?
You can have as many as you like!  We would suggest keeping pick up points to a minimum.  This reduces the risk of things going wrong on the day.  Common central city pick up spots are Christchurch Casino, Carlton Bar & Eatery and The Bealey.

5.  Are there soiling fees?
We know that after a good night of celebration, there's a chance of vomit on the bus.  We do have a minimum charge for cleaning of $150.  This is to compensate the driver for cleaning & deodorising the bus in the middle of the night so the bus can be used the next day.  Of course, we're one step ahead and work hard to avoid this.  We'll pass out sick bags or buckets & water to those who may need a little TLC.

Terms and Conditions of hire